In Java Island there are 2 most important sea port where the cruise ships embark to organize shore excursions, Tanjung Mas Semarang Port in Central Java where you can visit Borobudur Temple (the biggest Buddhist Temple in Central Java) built at 8th century in a one day tour  and other is Probolinggo Port in East java where you could visit Mt. Bromo (the most splendor Volcanoin East Java)  in a one day tour.

We are local tour operator has good experiences and reputations in providing special shore excursion for all cruise ship passengers docking at Tanjung Mas Semarang Port a One day Borobudur tour from Semarang Port in group sharing service SIC (Seat-in-Coach Tour).. Semarang Tour provides and also we offer you shore excursion  One day Bromo  tour from Probolinggo Port in group sharing service  SIC (Seat-in-Coach Tour). We offer also One day Jakarta City Tour from Tanjung Priok Jakarta Port  and One Day Surabaya City Tour from Tanjung Perak Surabaya Port.

Borobudur Tour


One Day Borobudur Tour from Tanjung Mas Semarang Port tour to visit Borobudur temple biggest  Buddhists temple built in 9th century in Central Java that organized special for all cruise passenger  docking at Semarang port.
with tour itinerary as followed

The ship docking at Semarang Port
08.30 Our tour guide will pick up at exit gate with your name in hand and depart directly from Semarang to Borobudur temple, a long the trip from Semarang to Borobudur Temple
11.00 Arrive at Borobudur temple, and visit the temple enjoy the beauty of the Buddhist temple built at 8th century on the hill, and see on the galleries where the story Buddha depicting on the wall  and stay ob the top see the panoramic view of its surrounding.
13.00 take your lunch at hygienic local restaurant.
14.00 Going back to Semarang passing through the same route.
16.00 Arrive at Semarang Port End of service

Tour inclusions:
1. Transport with Private coach air condition
2. Entrances fees by VIP entrances gate
3. English Speaking tour guide
4. Local hygienic restaurant
5. Police Escort
6. Mineral water

Total price SIC (Seat-in-Coach Tour) is USD 95/person

Bromo Tour

BromoOne Day Bromo Tour from Probolinggo  Port a small port in East Java to visit Mt Bromo the mountain with great caldera  in East Java that organized special for all cruise ship passenger docking at Probolinggo Port, with tour itinerary as followed

The ship docking at Probolinggo Port.
meet our tour guide, who will bring a signboard where your name are, depart to Bromo with air conditioned coach, to climb up easier pass the mountain route. Enjoy the beauty countryside.
Arrive at Bromo (Cemoro Lawang Village) area where we should change the transport to Jeep 4×4 without air conditioned to pass through the savanna and climb up to top where we could see the panoramic view of the Mt. Bromo and Mt. Semeru (3600 m) the higher peak of Java island.
Walking on the sea of the sand to visit closer Bromo crater
Go back to Probolinggo Port to re join your ship
Arrive back at Probolinggo Port

1. Transport (air-conditioned) from Probolinggo Port to Bromo and back to Bromo
2. Jeep 4×4 to pass through the caldera
3. Local Mountain ranger (English speaking tour guide)
4. Entrances fees
5. Mineral Water

Total Price SIC (Seat-in-Coach Tour) is USD 80/person